Spot the Difference: Part 1 BAE systems

This is an SNP press release today.

“The SNP has today welcomed comments from BAE Systems chief Ian King that the firm has “no contingency plans” to take work away from Govan and Scotstoun in the event of a Yes vote this September. King also called on the Ministry of Defence to “deal with” the reality of an independent Scotland.

Angus Robertson MP, SNP Westminster Leader and Defence spokesperson said: “These comments make clear BAE’s firm commitment to production in Scots yards in an independent Scotland. This sensible intervention is very welcome indeed – and completely demolishes No campaign scaremongering on shipbuilding jobs.

“BAE is an important employer in Scotland. Despite Westminster’s claims to the contrary, it is now clear that the Clyde will be the only option for building Type 26 frigates after independence.

“Meanwhile, instead of standing up for Scottish jobs, Alistair Carmichael is more interested in moving ship yard work elsewhere, describing Portsmouth as a “well placed” contender. Perhaps he would be better suited to the role of Secretary of State for Portsmouth, as he is certainly failing to make the case for Scotland.”


Got that?

Now this is the Telegraph reporting what Mr King actually did say and in context.

“Mr King admitted the company had “no contingency plans” to deal with a “yes” vote and all of the company’s capability for building complex warships exists north of the Border.
“If Scotland becomes independent…then we will have to have a discussion with our customer, the Westminster Government, about how they would like to deal with that,” he said.”

Spot the difference?